Friday, June 21, 2013

Vegas Vigilante Murders: Kindle Book of the Day 6/20

Here's an action-packed thriller that'll tempt you to root for the bad guy! In Vegas Vigilante Murders  someone has been murdering abusers of women and children in the city of sin. It's up to Deacon and Jim to catch the vigilante and to figure out how another, seemingly separate case might be intertwined. Don't miss this page-turner on sale today!

Name: Vegas Vigilante Murders
Rating: 5.0 stars over 9 reviews
Price: 3.99 2.99
Description: Newest of the now 13 Jim Richards series murder novels. Someone is murdering men who abuse their wives or children. After four deaths it starts looking like a vigilante is loose in Las Vegas. Deacon is running the case as Lynn has been told she is going to Quantico to train with the FBI, leaving Deacon alone to catch the killer. He turns to Jim for his help and the two go off to track down the vigilante. Is it a handicapped doctor, bent on revenge for helpless victims of abuse? During the case, Jim and Penny become guardians of a young girl left an orphan by the vigilante, can they handle a child in their household? On the side, Trapper is assigned to a case to follow a woman suspected by her husband of gambling their life savings, but how is she dropping thousands of dollars a day if she has no funds. Its up to Trapper to find out and why his case ends tangled up with the vigilante murders. Will Jim and Deacon solve the case before more murders of pimps and lawyers gets out of hand, and they need to tie it all up before Lacey and Mac get married.

Reviews: "Another homerun for Bob Moats. He keeps you studying and trying to discover the "bad guy" thru the whole book. As usual I couldn't stop reading."

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