Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Kindle Book Sale on Nick Wilgus's Father Ananda Series 6/26

Mystery lovers, be sure to check out the fantastic sales on these three great mysteries from Nick Wilgus! The Father Ananda series is a clever take on the mystery genre and features a Buddhist monk and ex-police officer who's called away from his peaceful Bangkok temple to solve a series of terrible murders. These books are exciting, suspenseful, and full of great twists! And you can grab all three of them today at a HUGE discount! Get yours now and enjoy!

Name: Mindfulness and Murder
Rating: 4.4 stars over 16 reviews
Price: 5.99 0.99

Description: When a homeless boy living at the youth shelter run by a Buddhist monastery turns up dead, the abbot recruits Father Ananda, a monk and former police officer, to find out why. He discovers that all is not well at this urban monastery in the heart of Bangkok. Together with his dogged assistant, an orphaned boy named Jak, Father Ananda uncovers a startling series of clues that eventually expose the motivation behind the crime and lead him to the murderers. "Mindfulness and Murder" is the first in the Father Ananda murder-mystery series.

An award-winning movie based on Mindfulness and Murder was released in 2011 by DeWarenne Pictures in Bangkok and nominated for Best Screenplay by the Thailand National Films Awards 2012.

Get your copy of Mindfulness and Murder now!

Name: Sister Suicide
Name: 4.5 stars over 10 reviews

Price: 5.99 0.99

Description: A nun is torn apart by crocodiles in a Buddhist theme park. Is it a case of suicide or does a monastic community in the Thai provinces harbor a vicious killer? Father Ananda, Buddhist monk and reluctant detective is called from Bangkok to untangle an insidious web of vested interests, corruption and murder in the second episode of the Father Ananda mystery series.

Get your copy of Sister Suicide now!

Killer Karma
4.1 stars over 8 reviews

Price: 5.99 0.99

Description: For the past seven months, every full moon night has brought eerie sightings of ghostly heads bobbing on the surface of the sea. An excited throng of people are gathering each month to witness the grisly spectacle at Wat Phloi, a tiny monastery on the coast of Chanthaburi province in Central Thailand.

Father Ananda, an urban monk and former police officer, is summoned from his Bangkok temple to investigate. His search for an explanation is complicated and severely threatened by the escalating polarization within the community around the destruction of the mangroves by fishing trawlers. Are the ghostly heads a divine warning or a desperate plea for help by environmentalists trying to stop the destruction of their traditional fishing grounds?

As always, Jak, the former temple boy, now a novice, accompanies Father Ananda on his intrepid investigations in this third episode of the Father Ananda mystery series.

Get your copy of Killer Karma now!

Praise for the Father Ananda series:

"A gripping read peppered with fascinating insights into the day to day life of a Buddhist monk. Nick Wilgus's Mindfulness and Murder puts a new spin on an old genre." -- UNTAMED TRAVEL MAGAZINE

"Wilgus ... has a good fix on temple boys, the precepts of Buddhism, the jaundiced eye with which the populace regards the constulabary, the vendors, the weather, the air pollution." -- BANGKOK POST on Garden of Hell

"Nick Wilgus' first novel is great. May Buddha protect Father Ananda and send him many other exciting adventures." Livres Hebdo

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