Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mystery Books from Jason Blacker 6/15

If you're looking to discover a new author today, you should take a look at the exciting mysteries of author Jason Blacker. Often with a historical tint, these novels present both a picturesque and and gritty image Lady Mamalade and her trials and tribulations. Pick up a sample now and see how these stories work for you!

Four Red Diamonds
Price: 3.99
Description: Four Red Diamonds Contains the first 4 Lady Marmalade Mysteries:

Poisoned Heart

Visiting some friends, Lordy and Lady Apleby turns out to be a dangerous affair. For the kitchen maid at least, who ends up dead.

How did she die and who would want to kill her is up to Lady Marmalade and Inspector Devlin Pearce to determine. Making their work even harder are the five suspects who all had reason to kill her.

The Lord of the manner who was having an affair with her. The Lady who was upset at her cheating husband. Her bastard son, her low life of an ex-husband or the butler who she had spurned.

In the lineage of Agatha Christie, this cozy mystery is set in the late 1940s.

Get your copy of Four Red Diamonds now!

Beggar's Pardon
Price: 4.99
Description: Beggar's Pardon is the first novel length Lady Marmalade Mystery.

Lady Marmalade is traveling up to Puddle's End to visit an old school friend, Florence Hudnall. She's heading up to share her famous marmalade recipe with her and to enjoy some much relaxed time.

While in Puddle's End, Lady Marmalade and Florence are invited to one of Florence's friend's home for dinner. Ginnie Forsyth is a sweet and caring woman, with a big heart and kind spirit. So it comes as a terrible shock when Ginnie is found murdered in her greenhouse the very next day.

And to make matters worse, just as Lady Marmalade is about to solve Ginnie's murder, her philandering cad of a husband Jack is found dead late at night at the Liverpool docks.

Get your copy of Beggar's Pardon now!

4.3 stars over 124 reviews
Price: 4.99
Description: First Feature is a bitingly wry detective whodunit featuring ex-LAPD's not so celebrated detective Anthony Carrick as he juggles mafia lords, drug addled neophytes, nymphomaniacs, gay counterculture, vegan hippies and tinsel town's dark side in a quest to uncover a homicide in the midst of his own personal turmoil.

Like Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe and other hard boiled detectives before him, Anthony Carrick uses his guts, charm and humor to solve murders and deal with the other sordid details of people's lives.

Why was one of Hollywood's premier producers bludgeoned to death with his own Oscar? Amongst a dozen suspicious culprits, can Anthony solve this murder and keep Hollywood's seediness out of the tabloids before LAPD Homicide solves it for him.

Employed by one of the biggest movie production companies in Hollywood, Anthony is working against time. Tinsel Town's image must stay pure. But can he solve the murder before the tabloids publish the immoral truth of Hollywood's darker side? Find out in First Feature. The first of the Anthony Carrick mysteries.

Get your copy of First Feature now!

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