Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Free and Bargain Kindle Books 6/9

These are today's top Kindle book deals. Remember that sales last for a limited time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails here!

Buckshot - Western
4.3 stars over 32 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: John Tenkiller got his name in the usual way...from his father. What was unusual was how seriously he took it. This is a classic western filled with suspense, and an underlying romance. In the Louis L'Amour tradition.

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The Forever Girl - Romance
4.6 stars over 356 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: At twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Rocky Mountain hometown, a pariah after a string of unsolved murders with only one thing in common: her.

Sophia can imagine lots of ways to improve her life, but she'd settle for just getting rid of the buzzing noise in her head. When the spell she casts goes wrong, the static turns into voices. Her personal demons get company, and the newcomers are dangerous.

One of them is a man named Charles, who Sophia falls for despite her better judgment. He has connections that might help her unveil the mystery surrounding her ancestor's hanging, but she gets more than she bargains for when she finally decides to trust him.

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4.3 stars over 31 reviews
Price: 3.99 0.00
Description: What happens when five people from three different countries move to the same apartment building in Italy for one year? One thing's for sure--their lives will never be the same. Meet Carlisle, Nicolette, Josh, Charles, Eva and their landlord Senor Benedetto as they spend a year at 32 September Way. Whether they hope to find something in Verona or wish to leave something behind, the City of Love manages to change each one of them in ways they never expected.

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4.3 stars over 10 reviews
Price: 0.99 0.00
Description: After escaping from an abusive marriage and lonely childhood, Chloe Peebles inherits a New Age bookstore in the Spiritualist community of Cassadaga, FL. This is a town where people make their living talking to spirits. Some of the residents have reincarnated from the days of the Salem Witch Trials and do not wish Chloe well. She doesn't know who to trust. What about Michael Romano, the sexy Italian artist who is romancing her, or Rev. Zach Taylor, the pastor of the church who is an intimidating character with a past?

The psychic reading Chloe receives sends her on a trip to confirm suspicions of her ties to the Salem Witch Trials. Mystery surrounds the phenomena occurring in the bookstore, the spirit watching Chloe and the murder on Halloween after someone attempts to kill Chloe. You won't know the answers until the hurricane strikes!

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