Saturday, June 15, 2013

Infinite Sacrifice: Kindle Book of the Day 6/15

Take a trip back in time with Infinite Sacrifice! When Maya dies, she discovers that the afterlife isn't exactly what she imagined. Follow her as she witnesses a series of mesmerizing past lives. This historical treasure is a well-researched and wholly entertaining read. And best of all, you can pick it up today for FREE! Check it out now!

Name: Infinite Sacrifice
Rating: 4.3 stars over 95 reviews
Price: 0.99 FREE
Description: Maya’s shocked to discover it’s not the heaven she imagined; in fact, a life of adventure begins the moment you die.

Zachariah, her faithful spirit guide, explains the rules of the dead: in order to regain complete awareness and reunite with loved ones all souls must review their previous lives.

Maya plunges warily into her turbulent pasts as a sociopathic High Priest in ancient Egypt; an independent mother protecting a dangerous secret in glorious Sparta; an Irish boy kidnapped and enslaved by Vikings; and a doctor’s wife forced to make an ethical stand in plague-ridden England.

All the while, Maya yearns to be with those she cares about most and worries that she hasn’t learned all of heaven’s most vital lessons. Will she be forced to leave the tranquility of heaven to survive yet another painful and tumultuous life? Or worse, accept the bitter reality of having to go back alone?

Reviews: "Reading this book was like being in a time machine! Through L.E Waters's detailed descriptions, I can now say I've been to Egypt, Sparta, Denmark and England. Her storylines make you think long after you've put the book down. She casts a spell on you from the moment you start reading…If you love history, great characters, and powerful endings, then this book is for you."

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