Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free Kindle Book: 7 Reasons Women Don't Have The Relationship They Want So Badly 6/27

Ladies, find out why you might not be in your dream relationship and how men really see you right from the horse's mouth! In 7 Reasons Women Don't Have The Relationship They Want So Badly  Dylan Trasher lays is all out with cold, hard facts. Covering everything from how media can skew your perception to why you may be concentrating on the wrong things, this helpful book can really help give you some perspective. Pick it up today for FREE!

Name: 7 Reasons Women Don't Have The Relationship They Want So Badly
Rating: 5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Price: 2.99 FREE
Description: This is a book of brutal truth for women, by a man. The main purpose - to help you understand why you may not be in the dream relationship you really want, and instead find yourself stuck with the guys who aren't even close to what you feel you deserve.

I'm Dylan Thrasher, the toughest yet most effective Dating, Love and Relationship Coach out there. I've helped thousands of women (and men) find and create lasting love.  I've been featured in the Boston Globe, Miami Herald, San Francisco Chronicle,, Shape and many other notable publications. I don't hold back, and I don't give you fluff - I give you my patented dose of CHT (cold, hard truth) that you may or may not be ready to hear. Either way, it will help you.

I have created a short book that will show you, with examples and reasoning mixed in with my own incorrigible sense of humor...

- How your friends have not been helping your cause, and why
- Why the men you have chosen in the past have done what they have
- What the media and other 'experts' have in common, and why it's held you back
- The things you have valued may not be what you should be putting emphasis on
- What it means to be 'too much,' and what it means to be 'too little' in terms of interacting with someone
- The beauty of choice, variety and open mind
- How the past affects your future, and what to do about it

Reviews: "This fantastic book is full of brutal truth that many women need to hear about why their relationships don't last very long or are not what they expected or wanted. This book helps to open your eyes to how you are acting and how things, such as your past and the media, have unknowingly affected you. It also helps you improve for the future and make the essential changes needed in your life."

Get your copy of 7 Reasons Women Don't Have The Relationship They Want So Badly now!

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