Monday, June 17, 2013

Free and Bargain Kindle Books for 6/17

These are today's top Kindle book deals. Remember that sales last for a limited time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails here!

Phone Kitten - Mystery
4.4 stars over 219 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: Shy, funny, loveable Emily’s a pretty unlikely candidate for a phone sex operator. She’d die if she had to talk dirty face-to-face—especially to her hot cop boyfriend. She sure didn’t set out to do phone sex—she wanted to be a writer. But when her BFF framed her for plagiarism, she got in a tiny financial hole and saw this ad for “phone actresses”…

Hey, it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds. No pantyhose or pantsuits, no regular hours, you’re your own boss, and lots of people to talk to. Guys, that is. But here’s the odd thing—lots of them want to talk about more than Emily’s imagined attributes; they start to think of her as the best friend they’ll never have to meet.

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Christine's Odyssey - YA
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: 2008 Bronze Medal Winner - Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Creative Writing Competition

Raised in a hotbed of arguments and fights, eleven-year-old Christine Simms is the victim of her mother's temper and cruelty. A domestic dispute ends in tragedy, sending the family into a tailspin.

A shocking discovery sends Christine on a quest to find the stranger who left her behind in Jamaica. Determined to unravel the mystery of her birth, Christine uses every tool at her disposal and treads with courage where no child should.

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Wicked Fate - Paranormal
4.9 stars over 75 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: What if you lived in fear of yourself?

For Mage McPherson being afraid of herself is just the norm. Thanks to that fear, being a loner in a small town never bothered the mysterious Mage. Once she received her secret abilities, she figured being alone was the safest way to be. That all changes during her sophomore year at Summerville High when Adam, her equally mysterious secret crush, starts to notice her.

Afraid that she might harm Adam, Mage must learn to either control or deny herself. With Adam by her side she's more powerful than she?s ever been, but is she powerful enough to defeat her worst nightmare? She learns a hard lesson about love and magic when her destiny comes to collect.

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White Clam - Adventure
5.0 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: When young Chet Palmer joined the crew of the coastal schooner Exact in the frontier city of Portland in Oregon Territory in the year 1851, he had no intention of losing his freedom. But a routine trading voyage to the Indian west coast of Vancouver Island, with a stop in Puget Sound to offload a group of pioneers who planned to build a city there, has left him in the alien world of the Nootka Indians as a slave and triggered an adventure of survival and enlightenment beyond his wildest imagination.

Given the degrading name of White Clam by the tribe who captured him, Chet must face up to the fact that he's been left for dead by the crew of the Exact.

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