Friday, June 14, 2013

Family Magic: Kindle Book of the Day 6/14

Family Magic is a magical coming of age story about the daughter of a witch and a demon who just wants to be normal. But it's hard to be normal when your family needs you to take on extra powers to save them! This paranormal thriller has romance, suspense, and a cauldron's worth of magic! Get it ON SALE today!

Name: Family Magic
Rating: 4.8 stars over 58 reviews
Price: 4.99 0.99
Description: Her mom's a witch.
Her dad's a demon.
And she just wants to be ordinary.

I batted at the curl of smoke drifting off the tip of my candle and tried not to sneeze. My heavy velvet cloak fell in oppressive, suffocating folds in the closed space of the ceremony chamber, the cowl trapping the annoying bits of puff I missed. I hated the way my eyes burned and teared, an almost constant distraction. Not that I didn't welcome the distraction, to be honest. Anything to take my mind from what went on around me.

Being part of a demon raising is way less exciting than it sounds.

Sydlynn Hayle's life couldn't be more complicated. Trying to please her coven, starting over in a new town, and fending off a bully cheerleader who hates her are just the beginning of her troubles. What to do when delicious football hero Brad Peters--boyfriend of her cheer nemesis--shows interest? If only the darkly yummy witch, Quaid Moromond, didn't make it so difficult for her to focus on fitting in with the normal kids. Add to that her crazy grandmother's constant escapes driving her family to the brink and Syd's between a rock and a coven site. Forced to take on power she doesn't want to protect a coven who blames her for everything, only she can save her family's magic.
If her family's distrust doesn't destroy her first.

· "A great, inventive plot, a deeply flawed, self-deprecating, heroine, many wondrous sub-characters and a constantly-evolving world of madness and magic (with a goodly side order of teen angst thrown in!). What more could you want?" -- Amazon reviewer Hobbitual
· " Thank you Ms. Larsen, for an excellent read....please please please tell me there will be more about these characters!" -- Amazon reviewer Michelle William
· " ...this book was incredible. I was sucked in from the very beginning. I fell in love with the characters. The plot twists and the way it was written kept me turning pages well into the night." -- Amazon reviewer Misty Harvey

Reader Reviews: "The close relationship between the main character and her not-so-normal little sister is sure to warm your heart. There's not one dull moment in this story! Although this is a young adult novel, I would strongly recommend it to readers of all ages."

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  1. I read this and severl in the series and just love it. Patti larson has created amazing characters you can't wait for the next book, Family Magic is that good.

  2. Love this series. If you love paranormal YA, you must read this book!


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