Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Undesirable: Kindle Book of the Day 5/28

The Undesirable is a fantastic mesh of adventure, suspense, and romance. In the future, The Party controls the population and hunts down Undesirables who threaten their power. Can two young people rise up against oppression—and what secrets will they uncover if they do? Check it out now!

Name: The Undesirable
Rating: 4.6 stars over 38 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: What if everything you knew turned out to be a lie?

Charlotte Walker knows how to live under the rule of The Party. She has managed for 18 years. She helps out her drunken mother and keeps life going at a familiar, steady pace. She doesn't ask questions, even though she has many of them in her heart.

Fostino Sanchez knows how to live under the rule of The Party, too. For 19 years, he's worked to be the perfect Party member. He knows what must be done to keep Maxwell Cooper in power, and how find the The Undesirables that threaten to take away everything that matters.

As the months go by, what matters most to Fostino is Charlotte Walker.

While their love blooms, danger comes to Charlotte and Fostino's small hometown of Harrison Corners, OH. Threats they never knew existed could take away all that they care about. And just when these two teens think they know what will come next, Charlotte learns the truth about a secret she has long suspected.

What Charlotte finds out changes everything.


THE UNDESIRABLE is Charlotte Walker's story, from her point of view. It is a thrilling, suspenseful tale of love, curiosity, adversity, and maturity against the backdrop of a futuristic war.

Should Charlotte trust Fostino with what she knows? Can she trust anyone? Will she find it in herself to rise up against terrible odds? What if the ultimate Undesirable is her?

Reviews: "The Undesirable is a fascinating tale of life, love and freedom. Occupied by well-developed, three-dimensional characters, this is a superb tale of adventure, political suspense, and romance."

Get your copy of The Undesirable now!

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