Friday, May 17, 2013

Deception Peak: Kindle Book Sale 5/17

An exciting new fantasy from author Dianne Lynn Gardner, Deception Peak kicks off the Ian's Realm Saga. With dragons, secretive quests, and danger lurking around every corner, our intrepid hero Ian Wilson will certainly take you to some interesting places. Grab the first book now on sale!

Name: Deception Peak
Rating: 4.7 stars over 30 reviews
Price: $2.99 0.99
Description: The first book of a trilogy, Deception Peak is a young adult adventure fantasy about a teenager, Ian Wilson, who follows his father through a portal that magically appears on their computer screen. They travel into a deceptively beautiful Realm, where horses run free, the wind sings prophetic melodies, and their computer avatars come to life.

But when the two are separated, Ian is abducted by a tribe of dragon worshipers and is forced to find his courage. As he struggles for his freedom and embarks on a perilous search to find his father, Ian meets the true peacekeepers of the Realm. It's then that he learns there is a greater purpose for being there.

The next installments The Dragon Shield and Rubies and Robbers are available now!

Reviews: "Author Dianne Gardner takes us on a great adventure through the worlds of virtual reality into a land of fantasy, where dragons are both feared and revered. Follow the adventures of young Ian as he leaves his mundane life of school and social awkwardness, and with his father's program, finds he is essential in this new land. Ian must find the courage and strength to not only survive, but to save others and to help his father. The best part of this book is that it is one of a series. I can't wait for the next!"

Get your copy of Deception Peak now!

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