Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Choking on a Camel: Free Kindle Book 5/21

With an intriguing take on religion and spirituality, author Michal Ann McArthuer's literary novel Choking on a Camel is perfect for the reader who enjoys thought-provoking prose combined with the inner struggles that everyone faces. Very readable and highly rated, this is a great one to pick up for FREE today!

Name: Choking on a Camel
Rating: 4.3 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 4.99 FREE
Description: "A moving, dynamic debut." --Kirkus Reviews

Alex Ferguson

Compulsive skeptic. Devout believer. At odds with the group-think at her fundamentalist university. Preached at and taken advantage of. Agonizing over the recent death of her brother. Hurting for the larger world she lives in. Wrestling with the God she wants to love but maybe hates and definitely doesn't understand.

"An intriguing, multifaceted portrayal of Alex's spiritual journey."--Kirkus Reviews

About the Author: Michal Ann McArthur's father was an English professor and poet who exposed her at an early age to the love of language and great literature.

Before she could write her name, she was dictating stories to her mother, who patiently typed them. Although none went on to be best-sellers, her stuffed elephant seemed to appreciate them.

She fell in love with literary fiction at age fourteen when she devoured The Grapes of Wrath. From that point on, she dreamed of creating literature with that kind of raw beauty and power.

Get your copy of Choking on a Camel now!

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