Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Black Hull: Free Kindle Book 5/22

Black Hull is the exciting Sci-Fi thriller from rising star Joseph A. Turkot. In serial form, this series tells the tale of Mick Compton, whose desperate search to find a way out of his criminal record is nothing short of entrancing. Pick up the first episode now for FREE!

Name: Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost In Spacetime Thriller)
Rating: 4.5 stars over 11 reviews
Price: 0.99 FREE
Description: Black Hull is a lost-in-space thriller, with strong elements of suspense and mystery. There are also tones of subtle eroticism, minus graphic imagery. It is intended for adult audiences.

This thriller’s edge of your seat narrative keeps the reader questioning: What’s going to happen to Mick next? It’s given up front that Mick Compton is a man with a past: he’s facing thirty years in prison for violence—and he’s lost his once highly coveted position with NASA’s FRINGE outfit. Now, facing a long stretch in prison, with two sons and an ex-wife he wants back, he’s faced with a horrible dilemma—do the time and miss out on his children’s youth, or run one black hull smuggling operation in a distant system, get a meaty reward, and pay off a connection with a standing offer to wipe his crime history from the UCA database.

All is going well until the ride home: Mick finds himself waking up prematurely, long before arriving in Earth orbit. He’s floating in dead space. Not only has he woken from cryo early, but he’s not aboard his black hull vessel any longer: he’s in an escape pod with only enough power for several more hours of life-support. It is Mick waking up that begins the first episode in the Black Hull serial novel.

The fast-paced writing, the mystery of what happened to his crew, and Mick’s panic-stricken quest to stay alive in a strange future and get back home to his family creates an incessant need for readers to devour each new episode in this serialization. The action of the plot is interwoven with riveting flashbacks that depict Mick’s mistakes leading up to the loss of his marriage and the murder of his wife’s lover. Mick’s is a story of a man grappling with regret, clinging to a far-fetched hope that somehow, things can be made right again, despite man’s known laws of physics.

Reader Reviews: "This is a terrific story, the main character is in a dire situation, alone, in the blackness of deep space. The story ends well, with questions unanswered, sufficient for the reader to ask themselves 'what next'? Lots of detail on which the story can grow. You'll be glad you start reading!"

Get your copy of Black Hull: Episode 1 (A Lost In Spacetime Thriller) now!

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