Monday, May 20, 2013

3 Free Kindle Books for 5/20

Here are some great deals on three Kindle books you're going to love! From thrills to romance, there's something here for everyone. Take a look at the books below and get them before the prices go back up!

The Theory of Games - Thriller
4.4 stars over 22 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: Jakob Grant, formerly a top-selling computer game designer, is now down on his luck and barely hanging on teaching at an exclusive private college. His best friend is a 135-pound Rottweiler-German Shepherd dog named Bill who has been implanted with the CardioTronic 413 pacemaker (the ‘Dick Cheney' model). When Jakob is fired from his teaching position he reluctantly accepts an unusual offer to work on a 3D military simulation; but there is something about the Major General that hired him that doesn’t appear to be right…

Get your copy of The Theory of Games now!

Interception + New Space Race - Sci-Fi
4.1 stars over 15 reviews
Price: 0.99 0.00
Description: Book 2 - Interception
The Inner Circle's plans to deflect the comet are in place but Neil Peterson's long journey to intercept Clement faces serious tests...
The president is embattled in a bitter re-election attempt and knows that losing could lead to the comet secret being exposed to the world...
NASSA's plans to build the biggest space station for 'scientific purposes' are put into effect...
Earl Ackerman's paranoia leads him to making rash decisions about the secret that's slowly destroying the little sanity he has left...
The secret can't stay hidden forever...

Get your copy of Interception + New Space Race now!

Composing Amelia - Contemporary
4.5 stars over 23 reviews
Price: 14.99 0.00
Description: Can a brand-new marriage withstand the weight of generations-old baggage?

Newlyweds Amelia and Marcus Sheffield are recent college grads, trying to stay afloat in LA while searching for their dream jobs. Marcus hopes to become a mega-church pastor. Amelia has an esteemed music degree, and longs to play piano professionally. The Sheffields are clearly city people.

But when a small town church offers Marcus a job, the couple’s dedication to their dreams and each other is tested. After a risky compromise is made, Amelia falls into a dark emotional place, where she finds skeletons she’d fought hard to deny. In desperation, she calls out to God. But why can’t she find Him? While Amelia struggles, Marcus learns news that nearly crushes him. He must lean on his faith to withstand the pressure… or risk losing his wife forever.

Get your copy of Composing Amelia now!

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