Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living with Fred: Free Kindle Book 4/24

Have you visited Fred yet? Pick up this charming addition to the Fred Books, Living with Fred, for FREE today! Depicting a quaint town in the heart of Texas, some down-to-earth folks, and some intriguing moral quandaries, you might find yourself inclined to spend a little more time with Fred.

Name: Living with Fred (The Fred Books)
Rating: 4.8 stars over 22 reviews
Price: 4.99 0.00
Description: Mark Cloud is back in Fred, Texas but Fred is not the same and neither is Mark. He begins to ask troublesome questions.

What would Jesus do if he was a teenage boy in a hick town? Would he play football and go deer hunting? What if his date humiliated him in front of the school? What if he was confronted with a lonely bootlegger? What if his newest disciple got roaring drunk? What if someone got away with murder?

As his answers lead him further down the path of least expectance, Mark must choose between remaining faithful to his understanding of the gospel or appeasing the prejudices of those with the power to make his family pay for his decisions.

Reviews: "Living With Fred picks up where the award-winning Welcome To Fred left off...only the prose is more delicious, the plot is much thicker, the word pictures more vivid. And the funny parts are, well, funnier. (And I loved Welcome...)

Brad Whittington's work is stellar. This is a literary tour de force that tackles ethical and moral questions without preaching. Fred is populated with gritty, quirky, lovable, and not-so-lovable characters with real problems. And the solutions are never easy. Midway through, the plot starts to sizzle and never lets up.

A fantastic writer and a truly great book."

Get your copy of Living with Fred (The Fred Books) now!

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