Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gallery of Illusions: New Live Jigsaw Game 4/20

Now this one is really something special. Featuring the impressive live jigsaw engine and the beautiful artwork of PhatPuppy, the new Gallery of Illusions game is sure to give you a visually stunning experience. With a full 20 images, it'll keep you busy for a while too. Don't miss this great new chart-topper!

Name: Live Jigsaws - Gallery of Illusions
Rating: 4.9 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 1.99

Description: We are extremely proud to present "Live Jigsaws - Gallery of Illusions"!

In our biased opinion this is the best jigsaw engine available and it features the work of acclaimed artist 'Phatpuppy'. Watch the pieces and puzzles come alive with subtle animations adding great depth and majesty to the experience.

We are launching the game at 33% off! "Gallery of Illusions" contains 20 breath taking images!

The screen shots don't do the game justice. If you are undecided search for 'live jigsaws' and try some of the free titles.

As usual, we are also working on a free update that will add additional content. The launch sale will end when the update is released, so buy now to get the reduced price and all future updates for FREE!

Lastly, please share your experience with us! We welcome and respond to all emails. There are lots of exciting features planned to enhance the game and we'd love to add your ideas to the mix!

Get your copy of Live Jigsaws - Gallery of Illusions now!

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