Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Kindle Book: The College Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping 4/15

Students and parents of students are going to love this FREE guide to healthy eating! When it comes to college, eating a good meal isn't always as simple as stepping into the kitchen. The College Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping lays out some practical and cheap ways to keep college life from destroying your diet. Get it for yourself or for your kids! Check it out now!

Name: The College Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping
Rating: 5.0 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 0.99 FREE
Description: The perfect book for busy college students who want to eat fresh and healthy meals!

The College Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping is packed with simple recipes, tips, and tricks intended to improve your diet, save you cash, and help you achieve your ultimate fitness based goals.

As a current college student I know very well that university life makes it hard to maintain a healthy diet.

As a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and Certified Strength Specialist, I know how to help people incorporate healthy options into their busy lives.

In an attempt to make healthy eating as simple as possible, I have created this book detailing what I consider to be the healthiest and most realistic nutritional choices for the average college student.

Reviews: "This was crazy helpful and relevant. It's really hard finding information like this that is directed at people around college and who don't have tons of money to be spending on the optimal diet. The author was really knowledgeable and helpful, but he was also super relateable as well. It seemed like he was just a friend helping you out instead of some stuckup fitness snob who's expecting you to dedicate every available dollar and resource to your fitness. Point is, this product was pretty perfect, and I really hope that the author comes out with some more material in the near future."

Get your free copy of The College Student's Guide to Grocery Shopping now!

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