Sunday, April 14, 2013

Free and Bargain Kindle Books for 4/14

Here are some great deals on three Kindle books you're going to love! From thrills to romance, there's something here for everyone. Take a look at the books below and get them before the prices go back up!

The Accident at 13th and Jefferson - Drama
4.2 stars over 9 reviews
Price: 4.99 2.99
Description:   The Accident at 13th and Jefferson is a one of a kind work of fiction that gives the reader the unique opportunity to compare three different paths the same lives could take if one event is changed.

     Josh Greenwood and his Mom and Dad are walking their neighbors to the corner of 13th and Jefferson after Josh's 14th birthday party when a careening motorcycle kicks up a rock that kills Bonnie, the mother.  But what if the rock killed Tom, the father, instead?  Or the accident unfolded differently and Josh was killed?  This uplifting tale of middle class family life in America offers all three stories.

     In Book 1, Tom struggles to cope with single parenthood and tries to woo Elaine, the neighbor at the accident who has a past with a mystery man.  Josh and Max, Elaine's son who doesn't know that his real father is "somebody",  interfere and grow up until graduation from high school.

     In Book 2, Bonnie struggles to save Josh from the influences of her petty criminal half-brother, Mitch. Max reacts very differently to learning the identity of his real father and even with the best intentions and efforts of loving mothers things do not turn out well.

     In Book 3, Tom and Bonnie's marriage flounders as they struggle to reinvent themselves as non-parents, Max becomes a real player in his father's presidential campaign and Elaine... Well we can't tell you the rest.

     In Book 4, (surprise!) the original tragedy is averted.  How much do we really know about anyone?

Get your copy of The Accident at 13th and Jefferson now!

Black Oil, Red Blood - Thriller
4.4 stars over 86 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: The thing about cancer is it’s hard to prove somebody gave it to you on purpose—but Chloe Taylor can prove it. In fact, she proves it for a living. She sues oil refineries that would rather save a buck than comply with safety regulations designed to do important things like, you know, keep people alive.

Chloe had a successful career until circumstances forced her to move to the bass-ackwards town of Kettle, Texas (human population: 4,000; gun population: 34,356). Big Oil industry giant PetroPlex employs half of Kettle’s population, and there’s no question the judge in the town’s got oil stains on his hands. It’s no wonder she’s been on a losing streak lately. She suspects she’s been litigating on an uneven playing field, but when her star expert witness turns up dead less than 48 hours before a make-or break hearing, she knows.

What she doesn’t know is the key piece of information that got her expert killed. It turns out PetroPlex is harboring a shocking secret—one that has the potential to skyrocket gasoline prices, spark an energy market meltdown, and trigger riots, chaos, death, and destruction on a global scale. Chloe must discover the secret and expose the villains before she is permanently silenced, all while juggling a troublesome ex-fiancĂ© and a tantalizing new flame along the way.

Get your copy of Black Oil, Red Blood now!

The Teacher's Billionaire - Romance
4.2 stars over 292 reviews
Price: 1.99 0.00
Description: Callie Taylor's life is turned upside down when she learns the truth about her birth following the death of her mother. Not only is her father alive, but he's none other than presidential candidate Senator Warren Sherbrooke.

Billionaire and confirmed bachelor, Dylan Talbot, is devoted to his family. When his stepfather Warren Sherbrooke receives a letter from a past love telling him they have a daughter together, Dylan is instantly suspicious. In order to keep the media vultures away and protect Warren's political aspirations, Dylan convinces Warren to let him handle the situation.

As Callie and Dylan spend time together, they can't resist the feelings that blossom between them. However, when Callie learns the real reason he has been spending time with her their fledgling romance is put in jeopardy and only complete honesty can save it.

Get your copy of The Teacher's Billionaire now!

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