Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Free Kindle Books for 4/17

Here are some great deals on three Kindle books you're going to love! From thrills to romance, there's something here for everyone. Take a look at the books below and get them before the prices go back up!

Lodestone - Fantasy
4.9 stars over 12 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: Sabrina is thrust out of her sheltered life at Mistress Florisah’s healing school after the destruction of the witch-ancestor portraits and the appearance of Lauren the Destroyer’s ghost. An anti-witchcraft regime is poised on Karthalon’s borders threatening full scale genocide, unless Sabrina, the last of Lauren’s bloodline, can destroy the Lodestone and restore magic to Valloaria. Hundreds of years before Lauren had wrought the cataclysmic demise of the Council of Witches by unleashing the Lodestone and now Sabrina is the only one who can undo Lauren’s legacy. Sabrina struggles to accept this suicide mission and is distracted by her inappropriate affection for Micah, a prospect monk. Lauren’s ghost haunts Sabrina’s dreams and her diary reveals the tragic events behind Lauren’s actions. With invasion imminent, Sabrina embarks on her quest armed only with a sliver of the Lodestone and Lauren’s diary.

Get your copy of Lodestone now!

The Suicide Game - Thriller
4.2 stars over 35 reviews
Price: 0.99 0.00
Description: There is 'noir', and there is 'noir' that is so slick and sly that even Elmore Leonard might be tempted to leap out of bed and look to his laurels.

When five bored rich kids bet each other as to who will be the first to drive an innocent victim of their choice to death, little do they realise that one of those they randomly select in a shopping mall is the Mafia's top West Coast hitman.

How would they know? He is black and without a single fluid ounce of Italian blood in his veins, albeit with gallons of the stuff on his hands.

This hitman may be sad, he may even be ready to die, but he isn't exactly suicidal – more homicidal, definitely more homicidal, you might say.

Get your copy of The Suicide Game now!

The Lemon Book - Cooking
4.3 stars over 25 reviews
Price: 1.99 0.00
Description: If you had to leave for the planet Mars tomorrow with just one fruit in your pocket, you should choose a lemon! Plant its seeds and be sure that you will be able to continue to reap the benefits of its extraordinary properties throughout the galaxy.

In this book you will learn how to use 100% of the fruit in treatments, cosmetics, hygiene and home care... and especially in the kitchen!

Learn how to prepare a cellulite-busting extract, a detoxifying drink, a washing-up liquid, a mouth-watering tiramisu, and many other products, all from lemons!

Get your copy of The Lemon Book now!

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