Saturday, March 23, 2013

Word Puzzle for the Christian Soul: New Kindle Fire Game 3/23

A new Christian-themed word game in the popular Word Puzzle for the Soul series for the Kindle Fire is ready to test your mental skills! With lots of options and hundreds of puzzles, the entertainment here is phenomenal. Check it out now!

Name: Word Puzzle for the Christian Soul
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 reviews
Price: 0.99

Description: Christian Bible verses inspired Word Puzzle Game. Shuffle to reveal the verse.

• 295 Bible verses.
• 8 Bible Books.
• Intuitive Controls
• Animated Tutorial
• Hours of Inspiration Challenging Fun Game Play!
• Understand Bible verses better by challenged enigmatic Game Play!.

On the game board, you are given a Bible verse.
The tiles are shuffled and not readable. Your task is to put
the tiles back into their places and recover the Bible verse.

To reconstruct a verse, you must swap the letter tiles until you
get every correct word. The tiles can only be swapped vertically
in its respective column.

Once the Bible verse is revealed you level up!.

Get your copy of Word Puzzle for the Christian Soul now!

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