Monday, March 11, 2013

The Girl From Yesterday: Kindle Book of the Day 3/11

Take the best parts of YA dystopian fiction and throw in some fantastic paranormal romance and what you get is The Girl From Yesterday! In a future run by vampires, one girl will risk everything to help the revolution! Part one of an excellent series you can't miss. Check it out now!

Name: The Girl From Yesterday
Rating: 4.3 stars over 3 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description:  Romance, intrigue and adventure collide in "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles", a new serial for young adults based on the legend of Sleeping Beauty, only with added vampires and dystopian futures!

Ashlyn wakes up a thousand years in the future to a world run by vampires.  She is sold into slavery and ends up falling for her master's son, the handsome Jensen, and becomes embroiled in the plans of Union Jack, a revolutionary who wants all vampires dead...

The first volume of "The Blood Dynasty Chronicles" lasts for six parts.

Reviews: "This book was more amazing than I expected! With so many teen vampire books out, I thought I was going to read just another version of something already done, but I was wrong. There were so many unique aspects of this book! Great writing, with an ending you won't see coming!"

Get your copy of The Girl From Yesterday now!

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