Friday, March 15, 2013

Seizing the Treasure: Heartwarming Kindle Book 3/15

Need a pick-me-up today? Get some warm fuzzies with Seizing the Treasure, a compilation of 101 great and endearing moments in the toughest times of American history. Some of the stories seem unbelievable, while others from long ago seem like they could've happened today. See which ones speak to you!

Name: Seizing the Treasure:101 Nuggets to Warm Your Heart
Rating: 4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 0.99
Description: This author's collection of family story to warm your heart reaches back to Napoleon’s time and forward to her present day life. It presents a picture of the progress of history over the past hundred years while drawing the reader in and keeping him/her entertained. Watch the characters as they march to the drumbeat of dust storms, The Depression and hard work and yet find ways to laugh. Thirty five+ pictures.

Young Marian Kilpatrick watches from her school house window as Doctor William P. Verity leaves on his healing rounds. She wants to be like him, a woman who can give back bountifully to her community. She holds this dream in a time when dreams other than homemaking were considered inappropriate for young women. This is Marion’s life story and the story of her family. When you read it, you’ll want to write your own.

Reviews: "What a fun read. I realized that this could have been written by most people whose parents and grandparents truly settled the northwest. The story of the migration from the midwest, and south reminded me of the tales that my parents and siblings had while coming west from the Dakotas. It should be a reminder to all of us to tap the resources for memories that are available only when parents and grandparents are still living. After all, if these gems aren't written down somewhere, they are simply gone."

Get your copy of Seizing the Treasure:101 Nuggets to Warm Your Heart now!

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