Friday, March 29, 2013

Loving a Fairy Godmother: Kindle Book of the Day 3/30

Readers who like a good mesh of romance and fairy tales are going to LOVE Loving a Fairy Godmother! When fairy godmother Reina gets assigned to work with the lone fair godfather, emotions will fly! Don't miss this magical and extremely entertaining romance. Get your copy now!

Name: Loving a Fairy Godmother
Rating: 4.2 stars over 9 reviews
Price: 3.99
Description: Tiernan is one of a kind. Beyond the divine dimples, killer blue eyes, and hard muscled body, Tiernan is also the only Fairy Godfather. Most of the Fairy Godmothers have no problem with keeping Tiernan around, but Reina isn’t like most Fairy Godmothers.

Amongst Fairy Godmothers, Reina is the best. Organized, efficient, logical. So why is it when Tiernan is around, all those qualities fly out the window? Reina doesn’t like that one infuriating male makes her lose control, and just wants him gone. Circumstances arise that just might let her get her wish, though not in a way she ever wanted.

Tiernan is given an assignment and told either get a Happily Ever After or he will no longer be a Fairy Godfather. Reina is going with him to supervise, but if Tiernan gets his way, he’ll not only be supervising that luscious stubborn fairy in bed, but also get her to admit Happily Ever Afters also apply to Fairy Godmothers.

Because really, don't fairy godmothers deserve a little lovin' too?

Reviews: "There is no way around it; Loving a Fairy Godmother is just plain adorable. I was absolutely delighted to find a Fairy Godpeople story with one of my favorite fairytales written into it. The premise is sweet, and the story will not disappoint the reader. I was hooked immediately."

Get your copy of Loving a Fairy Godmother now!

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