Sunday, March 31, 2013

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 3/31

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Lilith It's Easter Day - Find the Difference - FAotD
3.3 stars over 14 reviews

Description: Join Lilith, a young friendly vampire, for a fun Easter themed adventure with her best friend Emma. This is a companion story to the free Emma Easter game. Now you can see the story from perspective of Lilith and enjoy a different artists style for both characters.

Happy Easter from the folks at Difference Games!

-3 Difficulty Modes to challenges both kids and parents
-Find all the differences between the two pictures to advance to next level
-Bonus points for finding all the differences fast
-Two modes of hints if you get stuck
-Every game uses new sets of differences to keep the challenge up
-Unlock Survival Mode after you beat the game.

Get your free copy of Lilith It's Easter Day - Find the Difference!

Tiny Castle - Fairytale Game
4.3 stars over 6 reviews

Description: Live the Fairy Tale! Create and rule over your very own kingdom!

In Tiny Castle, save your family's ancient castle from the Evil Queen! Feed and raise magical creatures to defeat the Evil Queen who stole your family's castle many years ago. Push back her enchanting spell, build your kingdom and explore the mysterious islands!

Do you have what it takes? Join millions of players in Tiny Castle and reclaim your kingdom! Download today for FREE!

“Engaging story with heartwarming characters”
“Great production values, very fun gameplay!”

Get your free copy of Tiny Castle!

Royal Envoy - Game
4.2 stars over 17 reviews

Description: Pad Gadget: This game is engrossing, addictive, and tons of fun. Highly recommended.
AppAdvice: You will be captivated for hours by this smooth playing game.
Gamers Daily News Gold Award
Gamezebo Editor's Choice: Best Casual Game

Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing game of pirates, treasure and hot-air balloon adventures!

Get your free copy of Royal Envoy!

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