Saturday, March 23, 2013

Free Kindle Fire Apps for 3/23

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get FREE book emails or download our FREE app!

Train Crisis HD - FAotD
4.2 stars over 46 reviews

Description: A puzzle and addictive strategy game where you have to prove your reflexes.

Train: "a series of railway carriages or wagons moved as a unit by a locomotive or by integral motors".
Crisis: "a time of intense difficulty or danger".

With these two definitions we launch Train Crisis, a puzzle and addictive strategy game with HD graphics where you have to prove your quick mind and reflexes in full 3D environment.

Would you like to travel through the history of the railroad? This amazing game lets you play in two different railroad eras, where your goal is to overcome all the obstacles that appear on each level and guide each colored train toward its corresponding destination.

Get your free copy of Train Crisis HD!

Blocks Party - Game
3.5 stars over 2 reviews

Description: Since the dawn of video game time, a shadow war has been fought between blocks and balls. Guide Rollio, our spherical hero, through 18 levels of whimsical peril, freeing your friends from the clutches of evil Blox. Power-ups such as jet packs, blasters, and wings are there to give you the boost you need to smash the blocks!

Simple controls make it easy for kids to pick up and play, with layers of added depth to make it fun for people of all ages. An adorable cast of characters and addictive gameplay make this game a must have for the whole family.

Blocks Party can be played using touch or Green Throttle’s Atlas controllers. Play on the go or connect your Kindle Fire HD to a TV to enjoy super-size gaming from the comfort of your couch. Visit to find out more and to purchase game controllers.

Get your free copy of Blocks Party!

Travel Bug - Game
5.0 stars over 23 reviews

Description: The COOLEST interpretation of the classic "Bubble Shooter" game with beautiful graphics and guaranteed hours of fun! Innovative design, interesting gameplay, and relaxing sounds make this a must-have game on your Kindle or other Android device.
Pop batches of funny looking bugs by tossing other bugs at them and matching sets of three or more bugs of the same color. It is so addictive you can play for hours!

Game features:
- different, colorful locations
- relaxing music and funny sounds
- lots of levels with different complexity
- special bugs with unique skills
- powerful boosts
- FREE updates with new content
PLEASE NOTE: This app lets you purchase digital content using actual money. You can configure parental controls for in-app purchases, which will require your Amazon account password or a 4-digit PIN, by going to the Settings menu from within the Amazon Appstore.

Get your free copy of Travel Bug!

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