Friday, March 22, 2013

Floating Germ Launcher: New Kindle Fire Game 3/22

Floating Germ Launcher is an addictive new blast-em-up game with a original kind of ammunition: GERMS! With its great animations and the ability to upgrade your ship, this is one game you'll never get tired of playing. And you can get it today for the special introductory price of ONLY 99¢! Grab your copy now!

Name: Floating Germ Launcher
Rating: No Rating
Price: 0.99

Description: 99 cents for the first week only!

Blast the inhabitants of a dark world with germs from your flying germ launcher. Upgrade your ship and your germs to show them who rules their land!

A fun and intuitive blast-'em-up packed filled with charm and animation!

Get your copy of Floating Germ Launcher now!

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