Monday, March 25, 2013

Capital Bride: Kindle Book of the Day 3/25

Take a romantic trip to the past with Capital Bride. When Sarah and John find each other through a mail order bride service, they're just trying to avoid lives of loneliness, but will they and their two daughters find even more? Maybe even an actual family? Touching and full of great atmosphere, this is a romance you're going to love! Check it out now!

Name: Capital Bride
Rating: 3.8 stars over 20 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Unexpectedly homeless, un-wed mother Sarah Johnson has few options. They could go live with her cousin William, but Sarah believes there’s something untoward about his offer and it leaves her feeling uncomfortable. She's qualified to be a governess, but no one will have her because she wasn't married when she had her precious MaryAnn. Matchmaker & Co could be her salvation as mail-order-bride to Mr. John Atwood.

Single father, John Atwood, is raising his daughter the best he can in the wilds of the Colorado Territory but knows he needs help. No woman he knows wants to take on the raising of his daughter who hasn't spoken since she saw her mother brutally murdered during a bank robbery. Can Sarah, John and their two daughters overcome their pasts and find happiness together?

Reviews: "Prepare to be charmed by two characters who are absolutely perfect for each other."

"From the first page I was pulled in. I didn't want to put it down. It has romance, adventure a spunky heroine and a charming hero."

Get your copy of Capital Bride now!


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