Saturday, March 16, 2013

A War Hero Returns: Kindle Book of the Day 3/16

Suspense and romance abound in this exciting new thriller from award-winning author Johnny Ray! For veteran Susan Mercer, the fighting isn't over just because she's home from war. To win back what's been taken from her, she'll have to use all her combat and CIA training. And maybe be heartbroken in the process! Get A War Hero Returns on sale today for 50% OFF! Grab your copy now!

Name: A War Hero Returns
Rating: 4.2 stars over 5 reviews
Price: 5.99 2.99
Description: Another romantic thriller from AWARD WINNING NOVELIST JOHNNY RAY, one of Amazon’s bestselling authors. This MILITARY/CIA romance involves a female war hero who returns to America to face the biggest challenge of her life.

While Suzan Mercer’s father promised in his dying words the land he left her would bring her love, she never anticipated the events involved in the process. Now, could she balance her new love life with her hidden CIA commitment? Could she?

After serving eight years in the army, Suzan Mercer returns from Afghanistan to Florida as a female war hero–her works as a CIA operative, of course, would always be hidden.

She couldn’t believe her mother had used a power of attorney while she was gone to sell the land her father had left her. After learning her mother also has early onset Alzheimer's and claims to have been taken advantage of by Matt Harris, the billionaire developer involved, Suzan uses her military and CIA training to plot her revenge and to reacquire her land.

Entering a world where high heels replace combat boots and deep red lipstick becomes more deadly than a colt 45, Suzan never anticipated the cost to reacquire her land would be losing her heart.
Matt also learns his money and power cannot acquire the one asset he has always lacked in his life as he ventures into untested skies without a golden parachute to save him. Also, would the ghost of his playboy image come back to haunt him?

Reviews: "A War Hero Returns is an exciting story with suspense ,twists, adventure and some romance as well! I enjoyed this story and it definitely leaves room for a sequel, which I would definitely read. I had a hard time putting the story down- wanted to read all the way through to the end."

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