Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Voices: Kindle Book Sale 2/27

The latest hit thriller from BestSelling author John Michael Hileman is here! Known for his jaw-dropping twists and rugged, flesh-and-blood characters, Hileman produces another winner with Voices. Find out if David Chance can solve a murder mystery, save a troubled teen, and escape with his sanity. Excellent and on sale for $4 off!

Name: VOICES (The David Chance Series)
Rating: 4.9 stars over 28 reviews
Price: 4.99 0.99
Description: Six months after strange messages lead David Chance through a gauntlet of lies and terror, they are back—this time drawing him unwillingly into a murder mystery involving an elusive teen with a mysterious gift.

Jon Blake is a troubled teen with faint aspirations of escaping Boston and attending college, but when the voices in his head save his life and begin revealing hidden secrets, he finds himself lured into a national conspiracy involving the FBI and powerful businessmen.

These two lives, guided by unknown forces, weave together in unexpected twists toward one inescapable conclusion.

Reviews: "It "got me" on the first page and kept me until the last page! And left me wanting more! I really enjoyed the book ~ it's not my usual type and I hadn't read the first one, "Messages", (but I will now) and I still enjoyed it! I especially loved the way all the puzzle pieces fit together in the end even if I have to admit I didn't forsee all of it! I would recommend this read if you enjoy a little mystery and a quick-moving story with characters you want to get to know. I'll be watching for the next one!"

Get your copy of Voices now!

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