Thursday, February 21, 2013

This Can't Be Normal: Kindle Book of the Day 2/21

This Can't Be Normal is a hilarious collection of essays from award-winning author Diana Estill, 23 laugh-out-loud and zany stories from her life that introduce us to a family that's almost too wild to be true! Dig in to these amusing anecdotes and get ready to laugh, because when it comes to Estill's loved ones, normal isn't even on the table! Check it out now!

Name: This Can't Be Normal
Rating: 3.5 stars over 2 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Lamenting her husband’s disappearance from a booze cruise, her mother’s eccentric gift selections, and her childhood vacations with The Walking Encyclopedia (her dad), Estill discloses the truth about her kinfolk: They’re all a touch weird.

Bad habits cause family members to ingest everything from paint thinner to motor oil. Hubby’s fascination with kitchen appliances threatens to leave household residents deaf. Her son’s faked afflictions incite a crowd fury. Only the needling neighbor can unite this group for a common cause. But the revenge they seek against him delivers karmic consequences.

Included in the 23 essays:

Boozing Barbados
Cat Crap Coffee
Halcion Daze
Rules of Enragement
Queen of the Road
Garage Sale Mama
Dying to be Seen
Cylinder Fetish

And more…

From the award-winning author of Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road, Deedee Divine’s Totally Skewed Guide to Life, and Stilettos No More, this newest collection of essays offers amusing anecdotes that will appeal to anyone who’s ever struggled to define “normal.”

Reviews: "This is a tremendous book. It will make you laugh and cry at the same time. Diana Estill writes about every day life and sees the humor in everything. When you read this book, you will find that you know someone or are someone who is like the real people she writes about. It's about the every day humor she sees in her life. I recommend this book to EVERYONE! If it doesn't make you laugh, you're not human!"

Get your copy of This Can't Be Normal now!

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