Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rubies and Other Gems: Kindle Book of the Day 2/12

Rubies and Other Gems is a gripping romance about a woman who discovers the power to travel back in time to a simpler age. Between her less-than-ideal husband and her troublesome children, Lily has been having a hard time finding happiness. But will things really be any easier when she falls for a man she can't possibly have in an era where she never belonged? Check out this exciting and heartwarming novel now!

Name: Rubies and Other Gems
Rating: 4.1 stars over 8 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Rubies and Other Gems

Lily's life isn't going well. Her husband is clueless and her children are rudderless. It's little wonder she seeks comfort in her dreams, unaware that her grandmother's rubies have transported her back through time to a safer, saner existence.

When she realizes her dream lover is a real man who lived and died years before she was born, her problems mount. Despite her fears that her marriage may not survive her unintentional infidelity, she's entranced by the simpler nature of times gone by and can't resist going back, but only after imposing strict rules of conduct on herself.

Then a miscalculation keeps her away longer than planned. Upon her return she's confronted by an angry husband, and family drama abounds. Aware she can't make amends and steer her children in the right direction unless she stays in the here and now, Lily vows to leave the past to the past. But in her attempt to take away the jewelry's power, she inadvertently sends herself back without her return ticket, the rubies.

Reviews: "Rubies and Other Gems is a wonderful treat for all women, especially those who know the stresses of married life. The characters are well written and the emotions will certainly tug at your heart-strings. If you are looking for a book that is an easy read, that will help take you away from the daily stresses, then grab your favorite drink, curl up in your favorite reading chair, and let your worries slip away as you share all of Lily's ups and downs on her road to self discovery."

Get your copy of Rubies and Other Gems now!

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