Monday, February 25, 2013

New Kindle Fire Release: Dreaming with Fairies 2/25

Dreaming With Fairies adds a great new twist to the classic Hidden Object game we all love. Now, not only do you have to find the hidden objects, but you have to remember where they came from and put them back! With its beautiful artwork and addictive gameplay, this is a game you'll come back to again and again. Check it out now!

Name: Dreaming With Fairies
Rating: 5.0 stars over 1 review
Price: 0.99
Description: Acclaimed best selling artist Phatpuppy presents, Dreaming with Fairies! Prepare to be transported to another reality filled with mystery and magic! Enjoy a twist to the standard hidden object gameplay. In this version you need to remember where the objects are located! A great workout for your brain cells!

Three different modes of play!
-NORMAL mode: timed, limited hints and exciting bonus rounds!
-CASUAL mode: a nice and relaxing experience.
-CHALLENGE mode: an extra challenge if you are up for it!

Three different ways to memorize!
-MEMORY MATCH: Study the scene then flip cards to make matching pairs.
-DISCOVERY MATCH: Discover the matches between cards and hidden objects.
-DRAG & DROP: Memorize where objects are located then place them back.

Have Fun!

Get your copy of Dreaming With Fairies now!

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