Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for February 12th

Looking for a romance that transcends time? In Rubies and Other Gems, a woman with a less-than-perfect family life discovers the power to go back in time. In the past, things seem perfect, but is the grass really any greener on the other side of time? 2.99
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The Tourist Trail - Travel
Rated 4.5 stars on 47 reviews
Description: Some people stop at the water's edge.
Some keep going...

Biologist Angela Haynes is accustomed to dark, lonely nights as one of the few humans at a penguin research station in Patagonia. She has grown used to the cries of penguins before dawn, to meager supplies and housing, to spending most of her days in one of the most remote regions on earth. What she isn’t used to is strange men washing ashore, which happens one day on her watch.

The man won’t tell her his name or where he came from, but Angela, who has a soft spot for strays, tends to him, if for no other reason than to protect her birds and her work. When she later learns why he goes by an alias, why he is a refugee from the law, and why he is a man without a port, she begins to fall in love—and embarks on a journey that takes her deep into Antarctic waters, and even deeper into the emotional territory she thought she’d left behind.

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Disaster Preparedness - Humor
Rated 4.6 stars on 68 reviews
Description: Disaster preparedness for urban dwellers, do you live in the city?
What have you done to protect you, your family, your parents and pets when the; earthquake, flood, fire, hurricane or other disaster suddenly destroys your world? What is emergency preparedness anyway? Do you have any emergency food or will your kids go hungry?  What will you do when the power grid is gone and with it the light, heat and water for your home?

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Dark Waters - Romance
Rated 4.0 stars on 70 reviews
Description: The bond between sisters is stretched to the limit as they are thrown into the world of the Fae. As they learn their places in this new world, secrets and dangers from the past emerge setting them on a dangerous path; one that would see them face off not as sisters, but enemies. Add in a wicked love triangle and you have the start of a new twist on classic Irish lore.

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The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All - Fantasy
Rated 4.1 stars on 101 reviews
Description: “My legal name where I currently reside in the city of Liege, Belgium, in the year 2010 A.D., is Gaspar Valessi, but that is not my real name. The name I was given some 30,000 years ago, when I was born in a Paleolithic settlement in the region that is now called Germany-- the name my father gave me shortly after I was voided, bloody and howling, from my mother's womb-- is Gon.”

So begins the saga of the immortal Gon, a 30,000 year old vampire. This, the first volume of his memoirs, recounts his human life in prehistoric Germany alongside his companion Brulde and his two wives Eyya and Nyala, and details the fearsome events that lead to his transformation from man to undying monster.

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Never Smile at Strangers - Mystery
Rated 4.5 stars on 322 reviews
Description: WHEN TEENAGE GIRLS VANISH in what was once considered a safe, Louisiana bayou town, the lives of four desperate young locals take unexpected turns, begging the question: Do you every truly know those closest to you?

When nineteen-year-old Tiffany Perron vanishes from rural Grand Trespass, Louisiana, best friend HALEY LANDRY's relationship with her boyfriend becomes increasingly strained. To make matters worse, her impressionable younger sister BECKY has begun idolizing an impetuous, seductive 15 year old who's encouraging her to do dangerous things.

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