Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Bites: Kindle Book Sale 2/14

Spice up your Valentine's Day with author Adrienne Barbeau's intoxicating romance Love Bites! Studded with rave reviews, this alluring tale of one Hollywood movie star's secret life as a vampyre is full of surprises and celebrity cameos. Get it now for a steal!

Name: Love Bites (Vampyres of Hollywood)
Rating: 4.8 stars over 13 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99

Ovsanna Moore is the star of 17 blockbuster horror films, a few not quite so successful, and 3 that went straight to video. She’s also a 450-year-old vampire, whose clan includes Orson Welles and Theda Bara and most of Hollywood’s A-list actors…but not too many people know that.

Peter King is the poster boy for hunky Beverly Hills police detectives. When he detects Ovsanna’s pearly whites are often times bloodied fangs, instead of borrowing his mother’s garlic and holy water, he asks Ovsanna for a date. And a romantic Christmas Eve turns into a holiday of horror. Right through New Year’s.

First the paparazzi, then the werewolves, then the agents, and the rougarou at the Sportsmen’s Lodge - everyone wants a piece of Ovsanna. Literally. And it doesn’t help that Ovsanna’s personal assistant and sometimes lover is using black magick to get rid of Peter.

Ovsanna calls on her clan, the Vampyres of Hollywood, to help her and Peter fight for their lives against a menagerie of supernatural beasts that give John Carpenter’s The Thing a run for its money. Love does more than just bite in this witty, vampire-thriller romance.

Barbeau's “Scream Queen” credentials make her the only author who could combine such a fast-paced, edgy plot with tongue-in-cheek references to the inner workings and vanity of Hollywood. A whirlwind of action, Love Bites is a hilarious and clever take on vampyres--as well as on Hollywood-- that readers will never forget.

Get your copy of Love Bites (Vampyres of Hollywood) now!

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