Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Humorous Lines: Free Kindle Books 2/26

If you're looking to improve your sweet talk, the great new book Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting will guide you through exactly what to say in social situations. Full of jokes and some excellent commentary, this one is worth getting. Grab it for FREE today!

Name: Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting
Rating: 4.7 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.00
Description: After so many years of social interaction you have common sayings you gravitate to quite often. You have your "can't argue with that" line. Your "you need to get out more" line. Your "I call it like I see it" line. You find no reason in brushing up on your humor when "that's what she said" interjections win over social circles just fine. Performing a stand-up routine is not something on your list of things to try this year and you are kind of past the "I'm going to be overly outgoing" shtick, yet the charming nature of being quick-witted is something you and the rest of us still find appealing.

In comes a collection of a couple hundred phrases and words that is not exactly a how-to book. In fact it was never meant to be a book at all. Years ago, a very good looking young gentleman, going by the pseudonym Upward, started noting remarks he found inherently playful and somewhat common in conversation for only his personal use, until recently when he decided to pack them up, add examples, and share them with the self-improving public. They are phrases to laugh at. Most of them you will recognize. Now you will have the lines in your metaphorical back pocket to nonchalantly pull out when needed. In essence, a manual to ease your l'esprit de l'escalier. Socially potent fire, if you will.

Reviews: "I read this book on a whimsy and wasn't expecting such funny lines! I have already started to use these modern etiquette's with my friends and they have enjoyed them. I liked how it helps you in any situation you might find yourself in, whether you are in the office or at a party....no line will ever escape you!"

Get your copy of Humorous Lines and Clever Interjections for Contemporary Flirting now!

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