Wednesday, February 13, 2013

6 More Free Kindle Books for 2/13

Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get Emails for Book Deals in Your Favorite Genres!

Under A Harvest Moon - Romance
4.9 stars over 10 reviews
Description: Among the grapes they discovered a passion for the land and a passion for each other...

Nico Delrosario will do anything to hold onto the vineyard he loves, even charm his new boss, a woman determined to sell the vineyard to the highest bidder.

For Danielle Whitney, selling the vineyard is her only option. Haunting memories of the past and worries for her son's future make it impossible to stay, even when she discovers she's falling in love with Nico.

But the tables turn, and Nico, unable to resist Danielle, soon finds himself the victim of his own plan. When the truth shatters their fragile trust, Nico must win Danielle back, because to lose this game will cost him more than the land he loves, it will cost him his heart.

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Looking for Love - Romance
No Reviews
Description: A boxed set of three of Rita's romantic comedies:

3 single women looking for love - but are they looking in all the wrong places?

HUSBAND HUNTING 101  - a woman takes a class to find a husband and is suddenly attracted to a commitaphobic advertising executive she just hired to create a new ad for her sexy lingerie store!

HERE COMES THE BRIDE - a twin switch leaves Marci Turner playing fake fiancé to a sexy man at his best friend's wedding. But his parents decide to throw them an impromptu wedding and the fireworks begin!

UNDER THE COVERS - a marriage therapist hires an actor to play her husband for publicity purposes when her husband leaves her for a man!

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Mad About You - Romance
No Reviews
Description: This boxed set contains the following full-length books by Stephanie Bond:

LICENSE TO THRILL (a romantic mystery) She's between a rock and a hard body....

ALMOST A FAMILY (a heartwarming romance) Fate gave them a second chance at love...

THREE WISHES (a romantic comedy) Be careful what you wish for..

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Love is in the Air - Romance
No Reviews
Description: This volume includes:

#1 Paranormal Romance Thriller - Heartsblood: A woman of science. A man of magic. Hunted for their HeartsBlood

#1 Historical Paranormal Romance - Fated: Torn apart by History. Bound for Eternity

#1 Contemporary Romance - Indian Moon - Real Romance...for the rest of us

#1 Romance/thriller short story- My Dangerous Valentine - Spies in Stilletos series

#1 Romance/thriller short story - Targeted - a Bridge short story between 30 Pieces of Silver and Havoc

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Potionate Love - Romance
No Reviews
Description: Math geek, Tina has found a way to get the popular jock to fall in love with her...A love potion. It'll work unless her best friend, Nathan, gets in the way.

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Bedding The Wrong Brother - Romance
4.3 stars over 207 reviews
Description: Melina Parker prides herself on being a lady in public, but after she's dumped yet again for being a lady in the bedroom, she's ready to go back to school.

Determined to find her inner sex diva, she enlists her childhood friend, Max Dalton, to tutor her after hours.

Instead, she ends up in the wrong bed and gets a lesson in passion from Max's twin brother, Rhys Dalton, a man Melina's always secretly wanted but never thought she could have.

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