Saturday, January 12, 2013

Splitting Images: Kindle Book of the Day 1/12

The Matthews family may be pretty lucky, but they're going to find out just how tight the family bonds are in Splitting Image, this highly-rated tome by Gabriel Lugo. The mirrors start playing tricks on them, trying to take control of their lives. Who exactly do you trust in that situation? Dive on in and find out how they get out of this one!

Name: Splitting Images
Rating: 4.4 stars over 11 reviews
Price: $2.99
Description: Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen a slight imperfection? Maybe the colors in your eyes were different; maybe your movements were slightly off; or maybe just for a second you weren't even there. Doing a double-take you realize everything is fine. But maybe everything wasn't; maybe your reflection is tired of following your every movement; maybe your own image is trying to split from you; maybe it is time for them to live your life. 

Winning a contest to live in the prestigious MS Mansion for 3 months, the Matthews family find themselves locked in a world where their reflections are attempting to take control. As reflections of each family member are brought together into one world; mother, father, brother and sister find it difficult to trust one another. But what they find even more difficult is to trust the person they see in the mirror.

Reviews: "Splitting Images was a very fun book to read. I couldn't put it down and that's saying a lot because I'm not much of a reader. I will recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read. I can't wait to get a hard copy."

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