Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sale on Joanie Hileman's Miracles 1/19

In Miracles: 32 True Stories, Joanie Hileman tells 32 beautiful and awe-inspiring stories that will make you believe that miracles really do happen all around us. This is the perfect book to help you lift your spirits and reaffirm your faith. And you can grab it on sale today for only 99¢!

Name: Miracles: 32 True Stories
Rating: 4.2 stars over 88 reviews
Price: 2.99 0.99
Description: A dying child counts angels in her room. A teenage boy stuns doctors by recovering from a massive brain injury. A bubble of protection surrounds a man about to be hit by a car...These miraculous accounts and twenty-nine more are recorded in Miracles: 32 True Stories.

"Almost every month I get a request to either read or edit a book or booklet, and to be honest, I dread to see them coming, because most of them are hardly worthy of a positive recommendation. When Joan asked me to read her Miracles, I was not looking forward to reading it at all ... much to my surprise I could not stop reading it until I had read the entire book. Each story was different enough to keep my interest, and God's finger-print was all over each of the stories told. There was never one bit of doubt who authored each of those stories..." BILL IRWIN, CHRISTIAN AUTHOR AND SPEAKER

Reviews: "This book is uplifting. True stories how their faith strengthen,protected,guided them in different trials. Definitely a encourager for those who are feeling overwhelmed and alone. Help comes in many forms and reading this book will fill you with hope."

Get your copy of Miracles: 32 True Stories now!

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