Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More Free Kindle Books for January 16th

A CIA contact gets into hot water in Peru in the gripping thriller The Second Bat Guano War! Check it out now! 2.99
All books below are free as of the time of posting but can change at any time. Please be sure to check the prices before you click! Get Emails for Book Deals in Your Favorite Genres!

The St James Sisters - Romance
3.8 stars over 10 reviews
Description: Five sisters embark on a journey to a new home, to Brighton, where Mary's (the eldest) fiancee lives. Having lost both their parents and being left practically destitute, the girls have no money to secure passage on a cruise ship. Fortunately, an old school friend of their father's, Charlie, owns a small ship and offers the sisters free passage on his ship, in exchange for light cooking and housekeeping duties. The girls gloomily embark on the small ship for a 3-month voyage along with Charlie, 16 sailors, and an invalid, changing their lives forever.

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The Rand Principle - Thriller
4.9 stars over 8 reviews
Description: It's open season on Leeland Rand when his own government targets him for elimination. Is he a deadly killer, or a pawn in a game of cat and mouse? Or both?

A mysterious stranger warns Rand to run or die, but where do you go when you are public enemy number one? Will Rand uncover whoever has targeted him for termination before the U.S. Marshal Service's best tracker can find and kill him?

Think Jason Bourne and The Fugitive, and enjoy this political thriller. Great characters and interaction.

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By Honor Bound - Historical
4.0 stars over 7 reviews
Description: Honneure Mansart, orphaned child of a lowly servant, never dreamed that she would one day find herself at the glittering palace of Versailles as a servant to the young and lovely Marie Antoinette, future Queen of France. Nor could she have imagined the love of her life would turn out to be her beloved foster brother Phillipe, who also served the young princess. Their lives were golden.But the young princess, Antoinette, has a mortal enemy in Madame du Barry, the aging king's mistress. And Honneure has a rival for Phillipe, a servant in du Barry's entourage. Together the women scheme to destroy both Antoinette and Honneure. Then Louis the XV dies, and his grandson inherits the throne. Marie Antoinette becomes the Queen of France. Honneure and Phillipe, their lives inextricably entwined with those of the king and queen, find a second chance together. Yet as France's political climate overheats, sadness and tragedy stalk both couples once again…tragedy, and a terrible secret that might lead Honneure to the guillotine in the footsteps of her queen.
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In Denial - Mystery
4.7 stars over 6 reviews
Description: When Adam Harrison is five years old, his parents are killed in an unexplained private plane crash in Hong Kong and he is adopted by the Chinese family of one of his father's business associates.

Over the next few years he becomes ever more intimate with his adoptive sister, Lucinda, until at fourteen they are discovered together naked, resulting in Adam being sent away to England in disgrace.

Nevertheless, at the first opportunity, they reunite, marry and have two children.

Then, one Friday night, after Adam has returned home from a week in London, he discovers his wife and both children have been brutally murdered.

He is, naturally, the first to be suspected of the triple killing by the police, but there are others under suspicion, and the truth as it gradually emerges with the help of two very beautiful and contrasting women - a hired killer and church minister - is very much more complicated and insidious than anyone investigating the crime would have guessed.

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Kill 4 Me - Horror
4.2 stars over 21 reviews
Description: Casey Dwyer is haunted.

After a horrific car accident that claimed the life of her sister, she has struggled to return to a normal life. But on a cold winter day what seemed like a harmless text on her cell phone changed everything.

Now, Casey will try to do anything to protect her and her family and friends against a vengeful spirit. Even kill. Who is the spirit stalking Casey and how far will it push her into the darkness of madness?

From the author of, A Death at the North Pole.

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