Friday, January 25, 2013

Dayclean: Bargain Kindle Book for 1/25

For Jonah Egypt, starting a new life isn't easy. In fact, it's dangerous! Check out dayclean, a touching and suspenseful novel about a group of people who come together to protect Jonah's life! You don't want to miss this one. Check it out now and enjoy!

Name: dayclean
Rating: 4.9 stars over 7 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: A simmering feud between two powerful Southern families bursts into violence in the picturesque, seemingly tranquil city of Beaufort, South Carolina when a young Gullah boy, Jonah Ezekiel Egypt, runs away from a brutal foster home and into the lives of Jack Claybourn, a hard-fisted shrimper whose drinking can't drown out his tragic past; Coral Peters, a beautiful social worker with her own demons; Coral’s teen-age daughter Hannah, struggling after the sudden death of her father, and Jadah Blue Jimysee, a child psychologist about to be swept into her own crushing drama. These troubled characters come together to protect Jonah when they discover a murderous conspiracy to destroy his life. To do so, they must deal with Eugenia Sams, an ice queen with a damning secret who rules Beaufort society with an iron whip, and her fugitive son Graham, a bitter, vindictive man determined to hurt everyone around him. Events speed toward a volcanic conclusion, leading from the familiar streets of Beaufort, to far-off Turkey and back again, as the war between the families comes to an explosive head that will leave a devastating end for some, but a merciful new beginning for others.

Reviews: "From beginning to end it kept me enthralled. I had a difficult time putting the book down, and read it faster than I would have liked to. The story stayed with me for days, and I am definitely hoping for a sequel! Hurry E R Dinsmoor!"

"The intertwining storylines are interesting and keep you guessing. The author hits the nail on the head with Southern and Gullah life, making sure to get even the smallest details right."

Get your copy of dayclean now!

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