Tuesday, January 22, 2013

5 More Free Kindle Books for January 22nd

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Though everything below is free at the time of this posting, that can change at any time. Make sure you check the price before you purchase! Get Emails for Book Deals in Your Favorite Genres!

Connections of the Minds - Romance/Suspense
Rated 4.7 stars on 3 reviews
Description: Strange, realistic dreams and visions disrupt Rebecca Brennan’s life, especially when she actually feels someone’s pain. Determined to find who shares her mind, Rebecca takes a leave of absence from work to search for her mind connection. Her search leads her to a small town filled with Victorian homes and interesting people.

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faceless - Thriller/High Tech
Rated 4.7 stars on 10 reviews
Description: In the near future, mobile Internet hologlasses allow everyone to stay connected to online social networks 24/7. But after young computer whiz Dylan Sweitzer receives an anonymous, "faceless" message from someone off the grid, his virtual interactions start putting the lives of his online friends in very real jeopardy. His action-packed adventure forces him to face the dark consequences of living an entire life online.

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Tales From a Second Hand Wand Shoppe - Book 1 - Fantasy/Humor
Rated 4.7 stars on 7 reviews
Two Gnomes - Grimbledung and Drimblerod- are just trying to get along in life when their worlds collide. Drimblerod runs a moderately reputable Second Hand Wand Shop that does pretty well at moving inventory. Grimbledung runs a disreputable Second Hand Wand Wagon that he moves regularly to avoid the authorities.

Everything changes when they combine their talents:
City ordinances are broken. Neighbors are annoyed. The Constable becomes involved. Even the Magician's Guild sends over some Enforcers to deal with them. Things are looking up for the Gnomes!

From multi-headed travelers looking for a good time, to Half-Orcs just trying to obey their mates, everyone seems to come to the Second Hand Wand Shoppe to either buy or sell a wand. Along for the ride are a neurotic Jousting Dummy, an immortal (so far) Rat, a Trolless who runs the Tavern and Restaurant across the street, a Dwarf next door with (alleged) Mob ties, and the Head Mistress of the local School of Magic (with definite Mob ties).

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Kevin and the Seven Lions - Children/Action & Adventure
Rated 5 stars on 20 reviews
Description: Nearly being eaten by dinosaurs, shot at by aliens, nearly drowned by a giant squid, all while trying to pay attention in school is a normal day for Kevin. How does Mrs. Calvin, his teacher, keep Kevin on task?

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Good on Paper - Contemporary Fiction/Women’s Lives
4.3 stars on 3 reviews
Description: Once upon a time, a king named David got the hots for a steamy little number named Bathsheba. Lucky for David, Mr. Bathsheba was busy being one of David’s best generals, so Bathsheba was home all by her lonesome...

See where this is heading? Of course you do.

So does Sarah Conrad, reluctant Bible scholar and unwilling paramour of televangelist Pastor Jimmy Jay Rayburn. It’s a destination she knows well. But the destination is only the beginning. Sarah doesn’t wind up sleeping with an aging “man of God” by accident. Eldest sister Elaine’s minister husband isn’t divorcing her on a whim. And middle sister Elizabeth doesn’t vanish in a fit of pique, leaving a dead dog, a roomful of blood, and Sarah and youngest Conrad DJ behind.

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