Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash: Free Kindle Book 12/26

A brilliant and moving contemporary romance from award-winning author Bev Pettersen, Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash tells the tale of a horse masseuse trying to support her younger sister. And today you can pick up this highly rated novel with almost 100 reviews for FREE! Don't hesitate to grab this one.

Name: Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash
Rating: 4.3 stars over 91 reviews
Price: 0.00
Description: Jenna Murphy, a dedicated horse masseuse, relies on her job and street smarts to support what's most important...her younger sister.

But when the Thoroughbred Wellness Center experiences a hostile takeover headed by a charming but ruthless corporate shark, both her heart and career are in jeopardy.

Reviews: “I have read all but one of Ms. Pettersen's books and loved them. However, this one is my favorite so far. Jenna is adorable and a breath of fresh air. I loved her down-to-earthiness. Her love interest, Burke, is a mixture of uptight, kind, steely, sexy, hunky, and also adorable in an alpha-male sort of way that makes one's heart pound. The ending of the book had me breathless and, dang, the battery on my Kindle ran out and I had to recharge it. Anyway, I finished the book with my heart in my throat. Kudos to Ms. Pettersen!”

Get your copy of Thoroughbreds and Trailer Trash now!

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