Sunday, December 23, 2012

Running: Kindle Book of the Day 12/23

The Best-Selling hit thriller Running from Patrice Fitzgerald has accomplished an unthinkable balancing act. About a pair of women running for president, the book manages to delve into the world of politics without getting stuck on touchy subjects or becoming dry. On the contrary, a healthy dose of romance, splashes of humor, and a shake of suspense make the book much more about the believable characters who come to life before our eyes. Get it now for half price!

Name: Running
Rating: 4.3 stars over 60 reviews
Price: $5.99 2.99
Description: Catherine Young, Vice President and newly-anointed Democratic nominee, is surging in the polls. The race is on against GOP candidate Jerusha Hutchins, former stewardess and blonde beauty, who is the darling of the far-right Liberty Party. But with political wunderkind Zane Zarillo running her campaign, Catherine is bound to hold her lead.

Suddenly a medical emergency puts the President in the hospital and forces Catherine to act in his place… a perfect opportunity for her to show her Oval Office stuff. Just when her election looks like a sure thing, Catherine's romantic fling from decades ago comes to light. Will the American public accept a woman with a past?

Reviews: "I picked up RUNNING on Saturday evening and put it down on Sunday at 8:15pm......what a ride! From the strong female lead to the charmer turned villain, the political intrigue and the romantic longing for what might have been, I was riveted to my Kindle. Trying to concentrate on some gardening I found my mind returning to the book and gave up on the roses to head back to the wonderfully rich world that Ms. Fitzgerald has created. (My boys had to make their own dinner but the dog and cat did get fed!)"

Get your copy of Running now!

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