Monday, December 31, 2012

Released: Kindle Book of the Day 12/31

If you're a dog lover or have a taste for the paranormal, author Amber Polo's novel Released in the Shapeshifters' Library series will have you howling with delight! Dog-shifters have to protect the world's knowledge and libraries from evil werewolves. This is a fun story that'll get you hooked.

Name: Released (The Shapeshifters' Library)
Rating: 4.3 stars over 22 reviews
Price: 2.99
Description: Welcome to the strange and wonderful world of Shipsfeather, Ohio, where an ancient race of dog-shifters has been charged with curating the knowledge of the world, and with protecting civilization’s libraries from the machinations of evil, book burning werewolves. For years a curse has imprisoned the dog-shifters in the basement of the Shipsfeather library—where they have made the best of things with a gym, a spa, a Starbarks, and, of course, their wildly successful internet company, Zoogle—but now, thanks to librarian Liberty Cutter and her zany staff, they may actually have a chance to break free again. If only they can convince her to believe in magic…

THE SHAPESHIFTERS’ LIBRARY: RELEASED is the first in a charming new series that will have dog lovers and book lovers alike howling out loud with delight. With a generous sprinkling of “Dewey-speak” and “dog-speak”, clever literary references and some of the most unforgettable canine characters since “Lady and the Tramp”, Amber Polo takes you into a world you will never want to leave. The Shapeshifters’ Library series is destined to be a classic.

Reviews: "The book combined so many of my loves--books/authors, paranormal, and dogs/animals. It was a very fun read. It is a story of dog shapeshifters and werewolves, with a new take on werewolves (the very bad guys who hate books). When the author talked about a dog breed I'd heard of or had seen or mentioned an author or book I'd read, I loved it. Her dog speak and librarian's codes using the Dewey Decimal numbers was very clever.

I would highly recommend this book to any dog lover, book lover, or readers of paranormal. Like I said, Ms. Polo is new to me, but I'll definitely be adding her to my list of authors. I'm looking forward to the next book in this cool series."

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