Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for December 26th

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Digital Renaissance - Technothriller
4.9 stars over 7 reviews
Description: A story about a dreamer that wants to change the world.
After joining a startup accelerator, Mike Marquez comes across an algorithm that can change music creation forever. But soon he will find he is working for the dark side.

Through the eyes of Mike, discover an emerging fast growing Asia, discover the startup world and the dynamics of startup accelerators. And above all discover how a new generation thinks about work, about the future and about their dreams and ambitions to make a difference.

Set in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, the story uncovers the values that guide a young generation of dreamers. The guys that are shaping tomorrow with their actions today. They're driving us into a new era: The Digital Renaissance.

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Blood For Culture: Part 1 - Adventure
4.8 stars over 5 reviews
Description: With the Northern provinces in ruin, the mercenary Gideon Greythorne embarks on an epic adventure to save the world – only his adventure is being written by Joseph Anderson, a college dropout who packs boxes in the suburbs. With lofty aspirations but cynical expectations, Joseph tries to reconcile his vision with his reality as he works at a hobby shop, penning the epic fantasy of his dreams. In the 'fictional' world, Gideon pursues a dark and brutal conspiracy in well-paced fashion, while in the 'real' world, Joseph plods through the cyclical days, trying to find humor and passion in the bleakness of the post-holiday season.

A work equal parts literary, imaginative, and satirical, Blood For Culture is two novels layered into one, a juxtaposition that explores the relationship between reality and the abstraction of fiction in a way that bridges the gap between modern entertainment and classical literature. With a strong cast of memorable characters and a deep interplay between its disparate worlds, Blood For Culture weaves a distinctly contemporary narrative rich with humor and pathos.

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Legend (A Wolf Lake Novella) - Paranormal Romance
4.3 stars over 10 reviews
Description: Orphaned as a child, Samantha grew up into a strong but lonely woman working on her doctorate thesis by researching the history of myths and legends. But when she uncovers an actual werewolf pack, the world of myth becomes her new reality.

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Out Of Time (Casey Jones mystery series) - Mystery
4.8 stars over 18 reviews
Description: Meet Casey Jones -- an unlicensed, no-nonsense private detective who hides 160 pounds of muscle with an in-your-face femme fatale style. She's bold, she's bad and, most of all she's nobody's fool. Underneath her wisecracking 100% Southern exterior, there beats a 14-carat heart with a definite soft spot for life's losers. With the brains to take on any challenge and the guts to impose her own brand of justice, Casey Jones has what it takes to be your best friend-or your very worst enemy.

This time around, Casey takes on a case that batters her once-sturdy body and threatens to expose her closest held secret. When her investigation into the case of a woman on death row sets her at odds with her hometown police force, Casey quickly learns the true blue friends aren't necessarily clad in blue. One by one, bodies begin to fall, while Casey holds her ground. She must race to uncover the truth before more people die and before she takes the rap for their murders. With the help of an unlikely pair of bloodhounds and even more unlikely allies, Casey battles back to reclaim her clients life and her own, and to set a trap for a very clever killer before time runs out.

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Fergus The Ferry (Fergus Ferry, Book 1) - Children's
4.4 stars over 12 reviews
Description: Dr Seuss meets Thomas the Tank Engine in this popular series of rhyming books for 2 to 6 year olds. Come with Fergus, the brave little ferry, and his friends, as they have thrilling adventures and make daring rescues on the harbour. The books, written by author J.W. Noble for his son, also contain subtle parent/child messages. Chug, Chug Chug--what's that sound? It's Fergus Ferry on his round. At the wheel is Captain Joe. He shows Fergus where to go. Come with Fergus the brave little ferry as he makes a daring rescue in a wild, wild storm.

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