Sunday, December 23, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for December 23rd

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Harvard 1914: A War Romance - Historical
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: It is the twilight of innocence: America 1914. As Europe goes to war, Helen, a Boston bluestocking, begins her studies at Harvard-Radcliffe. Riley, a carefree British playboy more interested in chasing women than studying, sets his sights on her. He is surprised to find his adversary in love is not Helen's protective brother, but Riley's own cousin, Wils Brandl. As the roar of war begins to penetrate the quiet walls of Harvard, Wils, a brooding poet and German noble, must return to Europe and face a war for which he is not prepared. Set in Boston and Flanders Fields, Harvard 1914 explores love, war, and a new social imagination.

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Married By Christmas - Romance
3.9 stars over 17 reviews
Description: Anna Carter is on the brink of her dream Christmas wedding, she’s got the dress sorted, the church books, even the reindeer to pull her in a sleigh to the ceremony. But now - only two weeks before her big day - her perfect husband-to-be drops a bombshell...

Only nothing's going to stop Anna's plans - not even the pesky inconvenience of discovering her groom already has a wife!

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Sharper Security: A Sovereign Security Company Novel - Adventure
5.0 stars over 6 reviews
Description: In a near future alternate history, America has split. Sovereign security companies compete in the booming Arizona Zone.

Evie retired as an anti-terrorist detective sergeant and emigrated to escape from Britain. Who is hunting her for revenge?
Evie hires Sam Harper, from Sharper Security, to protect her. Who is her mysterious attacker, plotting from a distance?

How will Sam defeat the soldiers, intrigue and legal maneuvers of his competitors to capture Evie's nemesis and deliver justice for what really happened in Paris 18 years ago?

Answers involving forgiveness and redemption are revealed during a week of mystery, intrigue, technology, heroes, villains, action and adventure in the Sonoran desert.

Oh, and humor. The book definitely has humor.
Also some interesting characters. I especially like.... well, just go read the book.

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London Wild - Technothriller
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: London in the year 2948 was very much a city of lights. Every street in the city where people might have business during the dead of night, including the golden mile and the large shopping districts, was kept illuminated to the extent that it was often difficult to tell the difference between day and night. If that wasn’t enough, there were cameras everywhere, dozens of cameras per street, more cameras than they could possibly afford to hire people to monitor. All to protect the people of the city from the cat-like hunters who prowled the streets of the city and the South-East of the country and who had done so for nearly an entire millennium now....

...February Sivka was seventeen. She had been born in the town of Sou’nd, virtually the east coast of the country, and had moved to Upminster as soon as she had been able, where she now lived alone. During the day she worked as a computer programmer and web designer. She’d usually telecommute from home because of the perceived risk from the Herbaht. During the night she tended to relax with the newspaper or even an occasional book. She didn’t really know any of her neighbors all that well, but she had never given them any cause to be concerned about her occasional trips to the city. Thanks to years of experience and the right combination of make-up, February was able to effectively hide her true race even from those who thought they did know her.

Every month, sometimes twice a month, February climbed into the driver’s seat of her car while it was still daylight outside (and therefore not too suspicious) and drove to London.

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Nothing Hidden - Mystery
4.7 stars over 11 reviews
Description: In the quiet landscape of the Upper Great Plains in North Dakota, good people keep up appearances: Through holy works, and by imbibing in the spirit of bootleg moonshine, they navigate the waters between Heaven and Hell. It’s a place where love triangles cross rivers and religious lines at the same time, and when a lover is spurned, the local medicine woman can join herbs and the fruits of the land into a potion that can cure anything—perhaps even a broken heart. In a landscape with few places to hide, it’s a place where there’s Nothing Hidden, but even murders can go unsolved—for generations.

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