Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for December 12th

In the enchanting paranormal romance Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft, Audrey has to use her witchly skills to solve her mother's disappearance! Check it out now! 2.99
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Package Deal - Contemporary
4.0 stars over 1 review
Description: Single mom Amanda Gardner begins her first academic appointment at private Buckley College in northwest Washington state, eager to begin a new life, pay off her school loans and become established in her career as an English professor. The last thing she wants is a romantic entanglement, but then she meets Marcus Dunbar, a journalism professor who befriends her and captivates her nine-year-old daughter Cecelia.

Further complicating her life is Carlton Winslow, with whom Amanda must share an office. He's unpleasant to her but seems genuinely fond of Cecilia, who doesn't quite know how to tell her mother why she considers Carlton "icky."

When the girl runs into the street, is hit by a car and badly injured, Marcus suspects that Carlton may have had something to do with the accident.

Amanda is no longer sure who she can or should trust. Is Marcus even beyond suspicion? Is it possible one of them, or someone else Cecelia is too frightened to name, preys upon children?

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Lethal Redemption - Thriller
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: An adrenalin junkie war correspondent and her reluctant male guide seek the crash site of the last fixed wing CIA plane to escape Saigon nearly forty years ago---a plane carrying a dark secret and a 500 year old golden icon depicting the greatest female warrior in Indochinese history. But they will soon find themselves on the run from two very powerful and dangerous men in this treacherous world of triple-canopy mountain jungle, unexploded bombs, bandits and poachers.

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The Third Scroll (Hardstorm Saga 1) - Fantasy
4.6 stars over 75 reviews
Description: A maiden healer sold to barbarians.

A world of savage warlords and cruel concubines.

When ancient powers collide, can the slave save the realm and the high lord's heart?

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If Love Dares Enough - Historical
4.8 stars over 4 reviews
Description: Violence arouses Hugh.He avoids women.

But he cannot turn a blind eye to the abuse Devona suffers at the hands of her husband, even at the risk of angering his King.

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Trial by Fire - Romantic Suspense
4.8 stars over 13 reviews
Description: A tough cop who flaunts every regulation finds himself the # 1 suspect in a violent murder.

A vicious killer who makes Hannibal Lecter seem tame.

Two wounded lovers haunted by the past.

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