Friday, November 16, 2012

Picnic at the Iron Curtain: Free Kindle Book 11/16

Today we've got an exciting FREE book for you! Picnic at the Iron Curtain is an action-packed historical memoir that follows Susan Viets through post-communist Europe during the ever-changing political era of the late ’80s and ’90s. Even if you think you know what happened, you've never seen it from this perspective; Viets really brings the history to life! Check it out now for free!

Name: Picnic at the Iron Curtain
Rating: 4.5 stars over 2 reviews
Price: FREE
Description: Welcome to the world of collapsing Communism. It is the eve of the fall of the Berlin Wall when people are still willing to risk all to cross the Iron Curtain to the West. In this adventure-packed memoir Susan Viets, a student turned journalist, arrives in Communist Hungary in 1988 and begins reporting for the Guardian, not at all prepared for what lies ahead. She helps East Germans escape to the West at a picnic, moves to the Soviet Union where she battles authorities for accreditation as the first foreign journalist in Ukraine and then watches, amazed, as the entire political system collapses. Lured by new travel opportunities, Viets shops her way across Central Asia, stumbling into a tank attack in Tajikistan and the start of the Tajik civil war.

"Picnic at the Iron Curtain" shows every day people at the centre of dramatic events from Budapest to Bishkek and Chernobyl to Chechnya. It is a memoir that spans a period of momentous historical change from 1988-1998, following through with an eyewitness account of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004.

Reviews: "This is the book Peter Mayle would have written if he'd lived in Eastern Europe instead of Provence. It is warm, funny and factual - could not put it down. My Christmas shopping issues are now solved - I'm getting the book for all my friends! Is there a follow up title in the works?"

Get your free copy of Picnic at the Iron Curtain!

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