Monday, November 26, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 26th

Find out how Emily Donovan gets in touch with her romantic side to find true love in In Search of a Love Story from bestselling author Rachel Schurig! Check it out now! 3.99
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Vengeance (The Pirate Series) - Romance
5.0 stars over 6 reviews
Description: Jax has been gone only a mere few months after Jade’s devastating betrayal, and Jade doesn’t know how to cope. She will do anything for her family. She will do anything for her husband. She will fix it.

Just when things are looking up, Ben returns with Vengeance. He wants that treasure and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Jax and Jade have to make a choice, do they fight or run?

Jax’s instincts tell him to fight, he is a pirate, his family is in danger. Jade’s instincts tell her to run, she is afraid for her family, she wants to be freed of violence. When tragedy strikes, Jax and Jade will have to make the ultimate decision, do they fight as pirates or do they turn their backs?

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When Santa Got Sick - Children's
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: A magical fable about one fateful Christmas Eve when Santa is too sick to deliver all his presents. Several solutions are offered by the Elves but only one has the true meaning of Christmas in mind.

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The Last Superhero - YA
4.0 stars over 14 reviews
Description: The Wagners are a superhero family dynasty who have always protected the city of Coreopolis. The grandpa, John Utticus Wagner, is revered in the superhero community. He’s consistently invited to speak at superhero symposiums, has dined with the President, and has a sterling reputation as a model superhero. Every young superhero wants to be like John Utticus Wagner.

Unfortunately, John’s son, Orville Wagner, is not the man his father is. He’s a terrible klutz who always manages to create disasters, like derailing subway trains and accidentally injuring innocent bystanders. Orville is mocked in the superhero community, and the family’s once sterling reputation is tarnished. They no longer are seen as the protectors of Coreopolis. They are the laughingstock of the city.

When a new super villian starts terrorizing Coreopolis, it’s up to John, Orville, and Orville’s son, John II, to stop the villain and restore the family’s honor. The question is, can an old man, a klutz, and boy stop a maniacal super villain?

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U.G.L.Y - Thriller
4.8 stars over 6 reviews
Description: When a pharmaceutical company dumps a contaminated batch of a new tranquilizer into the Los Angeles water supply, its people are poisoned.

The city is plunged into chaos.

And a desperate adventure is about to begin.

As violent rioting breaks out, millions are killed. Duncan Stevens narrowly escapes infection - and sets out to find his estranged family. But when he loses all trace of his children, he joins a group of Marines for a final, brutal assault on the city - that aims to destroy the mob within.

'U.G.L.Y' is a gritty, terrifying but also moving glimpse into a violent, broken world.

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Heart of the Hunter (Dragon Chalice) - Paranormal
4.1 stars over 39 reviews
Description: Ariana of Clairmont would risk anything to save her kidnapped brother, a quest she knows is fraught with peril. Her only ally is Braedon le Chasseur, a formidable knight with a mysterious past, whose scarred face and brooding nature mask a soul filled with pain. Ariana fears this dangerous man and the secrets he strives to conceal--but Braedon’s touch is pure seduction, his kiss a potent lure that tempts her into a passion she is powerless to resist.

Once known as The Hunter, now haunted by a dark legacy he struggles to deny, Braedon lives in a world of shadow and isolation--until he is thrust together with an innocent beauty in need of his protection. Embarking on a journey that will lead them to a legendary treasure, Braedon will be forced to confront old enemies and the stunning secret of his true nature--or risk losing Ariana and the only happiness he has ever known. . . .

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