Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 18th

In A Hope Revealed, Mary Colter seeks an escape from her abusive past and a new beginning for her family. If you're looking for a novel full of hope, history, and romance, this is it! Grab your copy now! 5.99
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First, Do No Harm - Paranormal
5.0 stars over 4 reviews
Description: If you believe that television, movies, or medical fiction, accurately portray what it’s like to be an acute care physician or a critically ill patient in a hospital today, think again.

Dr. Joseph Polk is an intelligent, charismatic, and powerful member of the medical staff at Brier Hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area. This once brilliant physician, a functional psychopath for most of his career, has decompensated.

Nurses and front-line physicians see Polk’s indifference, incompetence, and stubborn cruelty, but the medical staff and the hospital administration are willfully blind. Patients suffer, and worse.

Jack Byrnes has finally completed his training in Intensive Care Medicine and joins Brier Hospital’s medical staff.

Jack has been well trained to care for patients, but he’s woefully unprepared to deal with Joe Polk, the medical staff, enraged nurses, and the hospital’s administration.

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Organ Hunters - Action
No Reviews
Description: On a remote island in Central America, David Morton must foil Dr. Gustav Romer, who performs transplants for the elite of the crime world with organs harvested from those killed by a sinister organization.

On a remote island in Central America, Dr. Gustav Romer – once the medical supreme of the now defunct Stasi, the East German security service, and the world’s leading immunologist until his reported death – has secretly built a clinic like no other. His patients are the elite of the crime world – Mafia bosses, Triad leaders, the new czars of the Russian criminal fraternity, the lords of the Japanese underworld.

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This Very Moment - Romance
4.5 stars over 11 reviews
Description: Bill Dubrey is a sought-after plastic surgeon for LA’s prestigious and wealthy, and an equally sought-after bachelor. On the surface it appears he has it all—money, respect, and fame. Yet behind his aloof exterior lurks a tragic past that prevents him from finding what he really needs.

All that changes on the day Kylee Stewart reenters his life. She alone knows Bill’s secret agony, and she is determined to help him face his past. During the years they’ve been apart, Kylee’s own life has been far from easy, but unlike Bill, she has turned to God in her need, finding a faith to which she desperately clings.

The tentative friendship they begin has Bill rethinking his stark future, yet he keeps his heart in check—afraid to commit, afraid to lose again. During Kylee’s darkest moment, when she needs him most, will he be there for her?

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Gentleman of Her Dreams - Historical
4.5 stars over 27 reviews
Description: When Miss Charlotte Wilson asks God for a husband, she decides He must want her to pursue Mr. Hamilton Beckett, the catch of the season. The only problem? She's never actually met Hamilton. Fortunately, one of her oldest and dearest friends, Mr. Henry St. James--who has returned to New York after a two-year absence--does know Hamilton. Much to Henry's chagrin, Charlotte immediately ropes him into helping her meet Hamilton. However, none of her plans to catch Hamilton's eye go as she expected, and she is even more confused when her old feelings for Henry begin to resurrect themselves. In the midst of the mayhem Charlotte always seems to cause, she wonders if the gentleman of her dreams might be an entirely different man than she thought.

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Nightwitch - Horror
4.8 stars over 4 reviews
Description: Alone in her bed, Carolina plays with her locket, a gift from her dad. She doesn't know he stole it from an evil woman in Trinidad. She hears a noise outside her window, looks up and sees red eyes staring in at her. Something horrible is outside. The Nightwitch is a soucouyant, Southern Caribbean cousin to the vampire and werewolf. She is a never aging shapeshifter borne of a mixture of Voodoo and European folklore. She lives forever because she wears a locket that contains a magic potion. Her locket has been stolen and she wants it back.

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