Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Free Kindle Books for November 11th

A man searches for his wife's killer in the thriller The Survival of Thomas Ford! Highly rated and complex, this one is sure to please. Check it out now! 2.99
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Lady Luck - Fantasy Romance
4.6 stars over 7 reviews
Description: Do you believe in luck? Las Vegas showgirl Sherri DiPedi doesn’t. But during a bizarre accident, she suffers a head injury and then strange, seemingly supernatural coincidences pile up which lead her to believe that she is the current incarnation of Lady Luck. It couldn’t come at a better time, either. She suspects a family friend murdered her father in a move to take over his thriving business. Worse, she’s worried that he’s soon going to try to eliminate the last person standing in his way – Sherri.

But now, with luck on her side, along with the help of a charming cop she’s just met, she’s hoping to bring this man to justice. Can Sherri keep up with her new responsibilities to light up Las Vegas while she takes down her father’s murderer? Is she really charmed, or is she just plain crazy? Make a wish, place your bet, and prepare to see just how powerful Lady Luck can be!

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Silver Flashing - Mystery
5.0 stars over 5 reviews
Description: Newspaper reporter Jonie Waters thinks the story she’s covering is bizarre. Even so, she’s not prepared for the shock of finding a corpse in a trunk beneath the floorboards of a house. She dashes from the grim discovery and calls the police. But by the time alluring detective Daniel Wyeth arrives on the scene and reenters the house, the trunk and its contents are missing!

With the police and her newspaper coworkers questioning her credibility, Jonie makes tracking down the body her mission. She won’t let anything get in her way, not even distractions that include covering a series of newspaper articles with her old flame, interacting with her dysfunctional family, intercepting a mugging, and surviving a round of mud wrestling.

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The Fox -Drama
4.5 stars over 71 reviews
Description: Dramatic in all the right ways, The Fox by new author Arlene Radasky does for bog bodies and Druids what no author in time has ever done; she celebrates ancient history, endless romance and undying love. Brilliant and utterly breathtaking, Radasky’s is a powerful new voice in romance, fantasy, and historical fiction. Bravo!

The Romans’ path of destruction jeopardizes a Caledonian clan unless they are able to strike a bargain with the Gods, which ultimately means a human sacrifice. Jahna is a member of this first century tribe. She has the power to merge minds, which she chooses to do with a twenty-first century woman, Aine MacRae and her contemporary, a young man Lovern, to whom she was hand-fasted in her time and of whom she shared a child, in order to save her people. In the name of the gods, Lovern was killed. Druids place his body in the sacred Black Lake, but through a visit from his ghost, Jahna sends their child away thus securing their bloodline.

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Killer Instinct - Suspense
3.8 stars over 19 reviews
Description: A brilliant and determined FBI medical examiner, she was an expert student of the criminal mind who thought she could face anything.

That was before Wisconsin. Before she saw one of his victims...


The FBI agent had a special code name for his unusual method of torture: Tort 9, the draining of the victims blood. The newspapers called him the Vampire-Killer. But his own twisted love letters were signed "Teach"... and were addressed to the one woman he wanted most of all: His hunter, his prey, Dr. Jessica Coran.

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Why Aren't you Sweet Like Me? - Historical
4.7 stars over 49 reviews
Description: A young couple, Camille "Honey" Shaughnessy and Don Shepard fall in love on the eve of World War II. As America enters the war, and Don is pressured into the service by his father, the two newlyweds struggle to maintain contact. Don becomes a hero, saving the lives of his comrades, but will he make it home alive?

"Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me?" is a novel based on the actual love letters exchanged between the author's grandparents.

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